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Core-pulling hot runner for barrel buckle in injection mold for notebook case

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-14
1. Structural analysis of plastic parts

The core-pulling hot runner of the barrel buckle in the injection mold of the notebook case. The plastic part is a simple part with a large size and a complex internal structure. The whiskering system and pouring system are the difficulties in the design. Next, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory will introduce in detail the core-pull hot runner in the middle barrel buckle injection mold of the notebook case.

2. Structural analysis of injection mold

The axial and radial dimensions of the plastic parts are large, and they are designed to be arranged vertically: the interior of the plastic part is formed by a fixed and dynamic model core, and the outer circumference of the plastic part is formed by four large sliders. In order to solve the problem of complex cavity and difficult melt filling, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory adopts a single-point hot runner gating system. In view of the particularity of the internal structure of the plastic part, the injection mold is pushed out with a push plate. The push plate is pulled by the external pull plate of the fixed template. Therefore, the square iron, the push rod fixing plate and the bottom plate of the injection mold are removed, the overall height of the injection mold is reduced, and the structure of the injection mold is simplified. The mold adopts a fixed-distance parting mechanism (all four pieces) with built-in nylon plug, limit nail and external pull plate, which is simple and reliable.

3. Working process of injection mold

The core-pull hot runner of the barrel buckle in the injection mold of the notebook shell, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory, the melt enters the mold cavity through the hot runner, and after the injection molding is completed, the injection molding machine pulls the bottom plate of the mold to move back. Under the resistance of the nylon plug, the injection mold is opened from the parting surface 1. During this process, the fixed mold core is separated from the plastic part. out of plastic. The mold opening distance of the parting surface 1 is 460mm, which is controlled by the tie bar. The movable template continues to retreat, the pull bar pulls the movable mold push plate, and the mold is opened from the parting surface 2. During the mold opening process, the push block fixed on the movable template pushes the plastic part away from the movable mold core, and the mold completes an injection molding.
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