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Common production problems in plastic processing plants

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-21
The plastics processing industry has always been a very important one. The reason why it has such an important market position is mainly because of the various plastic equipment used in the market and various plastic products used in people's daily life. As these numbers increase, plastic processing plants naturally have better prospects for development.

Although the development of plastic processing plants is also showing a good form, many times, there will inevitably be some production problems.
In the production of plastic processing plants, the shrinkage problem of plastic products with high surface quality requirements is more difficult. Improving product quality must be in the thicker position of the injection molded plastic part, such as ribs or protrusions, the formation of shrinkage is more serious than adjacent positions, because the cooling rate of the thicker area is much slower than that of the surrounding area, and the difference in cooling rate causes the joint surface to be depressed, ie The familiar shrink marks.

There may be one or more reasons for the processing shrinkage marks of plastic parts, including processing method, part geometry, material selection and mold design. The choice of geometry and material is usually determined by the raw material supplier, rings are too easy to change. However, there are many factors regarding mold design that can affect the processing and shrinkage of plastic parts. Cooling channel design, gate type, gate size can have various effects.
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