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Common problems of injection molding after adding color masterbatch

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-15
If we want to present different colors in injection molded parts, we must use color masterbatch, mix the required color masterbatch with plastic raw material particles, and melt injection molding in the injection molding machine. But after adding masterbatch, there will be some problems in general production:

1: Under the irradiation, there are stripes of pigment bands in the plastic molded products
(a) Physical properties of plastics

1. The temperature control of the injection molding machine is not good, and the color masterbatch cannot be fully mixed with the plastic after entering the barrel.

2. If the injection molding machine does not add a certain amount of back pressure, the effect of the screw is not good.

3. Poor dispersibility of color masterbatch or poor plasticization of plastic.

(b) Injection molding process:
1. Slightly increase the temperature of the barrel near the blanking port

2. Apply a certain back pressure to the injection molding machine.

If the above debugging is still not resolved, it may be a problem of color masterbatch and plastic dispersion or matching, and you should contact the color masterbatch manufacturer in time to solve it.

2: After using a certain color masterbatch, the product is easy to break

This may be due to poor quality dispersants or additives chosen by the plastics manufacturer, affecting the physical and mechanical properties of the product.

Three: After using the ratio in the color masterbatch manual, the color is too dark (too light)

The reasons for this problem are as follows:

1. The color of the masterbatch is incorrect, too little or too much pigment;

2. Inaccurate measurement during use;

3. There is a problem with the matching of color masterbatch and plastic. It may be that the carrier of color masterbatch is not properly selected, or the manufacturer may change the plastic variety at will;

4. The temperature setting of the injection molding machine is improper, or the color masterbatch stays in the injection molding machine for too long.
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