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Common problems in the production of thin-walled injection molded parts

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-19
1. A small part of the production of thin-walled injection molded parts. Because the mold processing is not in place or the exhaust is not smooth, the corners cannot be completely filled; the design of the injection molded parts is defective;
2. Due to the inconsistent cooling or solidification shrinkage of hot melt plastics, the wall thickness or meat thickness of thin-walled injection molded parts is uneven.

3. Surface images often occur after glue reduction. BOSS column. Either due to the back of the core, or due to the back of the core, the design of the thimble is too high to cause stress marks;
4. Air lines occur at the water inlet. Due to low mold temperature, fast injection speed, high pressure, improper setting of water inlet, plastic encounters spoiler structure, change of water inlet, runner lighting, increase of runner cooling area, increase of water inlet, surface scratches.

5. The joint line is usually generated at the confluence of two streams, such as the streams of two inlet gates and the streams bypassing the core. Due to the drop of material temperature, the exhaust is not good.

6. The parting of the front and rear molds often occurs at the burr, which is caused by poor mold clamping or improper processing of the mold face angle of the injection mold. Injection molding is often caused by insufficient clamping force and material temperature. Overpressure can cause hair.
7. Slender parts. Thin-walled parts have large areas. Or due to uneven cooling stress or different ejection stress, large injection molded parts with asymmetric structure are easy to deform.

8. The surface is not clean, and the surface of the injection mold is rough. For PC materials, sometimes due to the high temperature of the mold, there is residual glue on the surface of the mold, and oil stains will contaminate the surface of the injection molded part.
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