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Common defects in plastic injection molding include wind

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
The air bag phenomenon that occurs during plastic injection molding actually means that the air or gas is not enough to discharge the injection mold, and is sandwiched by the molten plastic in the cavity. Usually the possible reasons for the air bag phenomenon are as follows:

1: Injection molding machine
①The injection plastic is too high.

Two: plastic products

②The difference in wall thickness of plastic parts is too large: When the wall thickness difference is too large, the plastic flow at the thin wall is slow, and the melt advances quickly along the thick wall, which may surround the air or gas in the mold cavity and form air envelopment.

Three: injection mold
① Improper gate position: When the gate position is improper, the molten plastic fluid may outflank air or gas, forming wind accumulation. Changing the gate position, in this case the filling pattern of the injection mold can be changed, and air pockets may be avoided.

② The size of the runner or gate of the injection mold is not suitable: when the injection mold is designed with multiple gates, if the size of the runner or gate is not suitable, the molten plastic may envelop air or gas, forming wind.

③ Poor exhaust: If the exhaust is poor, air or gas will be sucked into the closed mouth, forming wind.
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