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Classification and Prospect of Shenzhen Shouban Model

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-06
1. The production and processing of prototype models can be divided into: (1) plastic prototypes; (2) silicone prototypes; (3) metal prototypes; (4) clay prototypes; various types of ABS: 1-domestic toughness, Can be bonded, can be baked to 70° after spraying oil 2-Imported with good toughness, can be bonded, can be baked to 70~80° after spraying oil Various types of PMMA: 1-Domestic is more brittle, transparent, can be bonded, After spraying oil, it can be baked to 70~80°. 2-The import is relatively brittle, the transparency is average, and it can be bonded. Various types of oil-sprayed PC: 1-The domestic product has good toughness, can withstand high temperatures of 120°, can be bonded, and can be sprayed with oil. General transparency 2- Imported polishing is difficult, can withstand high temperature of 120°, can be bonded, can be sprayed with oil, general transparency SLA material: ①American SOMOS14120 photosensitive resin. Compound mold materials: ① Mold materials: domestic silica gel, imported silica gel, transparent silica gel, special silica gel, etc. ②Materials used in the product: domestic PU, imported PU, transparent PU, soft PU, Saigang, ABS, etc. 2. According to the realization effect of the prototype model, it can be divided into: (1) Appearance prototype: inspect the appearance design of the product. (2) Structural prototype: to test the structural rationality of the product. (3) Functional prototype: to achieve the same appearance, structure and function as the real product. Shenzhen is a city where the prototype industry developed earlier, and it is also a city where prototype factories are densely distributed. There are more than 2,000 prototype factories in Shenzhen. Because of its huge market and advantages, the hand model industry is developing faster and faster, and there are more and more employees.
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