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Causes of warping deformation of plastic injection molded parts

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-03
What are the reasons for the warpage of injection molded parts? Shanghai Mulan Plastic Injection Mold Factory said that warpage refers to the shape of the injection molded part deviating from the shape of the cavity, which not only affects the appearance quality of the injection molded part, but also seriously affects the assembly effect and Use performance. Therefore, warpage deformation has become one of the important criteria for judging the effect of injection molding. If you want to solve the warping deformation, you need to understand the cause in order to carry out targeted solutions. So, what are the reasons for the warping deformation of injection molded parts?

Shanghai Mulan Rubber Injection Mold Factory has 10+ years of experience in customizing the export of small household electrical appliances to Japan, and provides product design, mold opening, injection molding circuit design, finished product assembly, and one-stop finished product customization business. In view of the reasons for the warpage and deformation of plastic injection molding of injection molded parts, the following points are shared:

1. Caused by residual stress: In the process of overmolding, the stress is uneven due to uneven shrinkage. After the injection molded part is released from the mold, it is prone to warping and deformation under the action of uneven stress;

2. The freezing effect causes: the interaction of temperature, pressure and speed promotes the overmolding process of injection molded parts. If the pressure is too high, it will cause changes in melt flow, and the internal stress generated will cause warping of injection molded parts when cooling;

3. Unreasonable demoulding: When the injection molded part is demolded, the demoulding force is unbalanced, the movement of the ejection mechanism is not stable, or the ejection area of ​​the demoulding is unreasonable, which may cause the deformation of the injection molded part.

The above is the brief introduction of Shanghai Mulan Plastic Overmolding Injection Mold Factory on 'The Causes of Warping and Deformation of Injection Molded Parts'. Official website, you can learn more about overmolding injection molding solutions, welcome new and old customers to consult and understand.
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