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Causes of surface wear and failure of injection molded parts

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-13
Surface wear failure of injection molded parts refers to the phenomenon that the injection mold cannot be used continuously due to severe mold damage on the surface of the cavity during use, which is called surface wear failure. It is a normal form of failure.

Manifestations: the surface roughness of the mold cavity increases, the surface of the mold cavity is roughened, and the size of the injection molded part is out of tolerance due to excessive wear of the mold cavity.
Factors affecting the surface wear failure of injection molded parts:

1) Scratching of injection molded parts, especially the molding of hard fillers such as glass fiber, the friction is more serious;

2) Volatile corrosive gases in plastics and fillers will aggravate wear.

Improvement measures for surface wear failure of injection molded parts:
1) Choose mold materials with good wear resistance;

2) Cavity surface treatment.
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