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Causes and Solutions of Scorch Marks on Plastic Products During Injection Molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-11
The main reason for the scorch marks of plastic products during the injection molding process is the defect caused by the gas left in the plastic injection mold. So how can this situation be improved?

1. Use materials with good thermal stability
2. Use materials with good lubricity

3. Do not use recycled materials

4. Keep the injection molding machine in a good temperature control state

5. Clean the outside of the nozzle

6. Reduce the residence time in the barrel of the injection molding machine

7. Switch to an injection molding machine with a smaller capacity

8. Shorten the gate, and black streamlines appear in the direction of the material wave near the gate
Reasons for black streamlines:

⑴Decomposition of plastic

⑵ Decomposition of additives (flame retardants)

⑶Due to damage to the surface of the barrel and screw, the material is retained.
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