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Breast pump injection mold to be checked when using

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-19
What places should be checked when using the breast pump injection mold? Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Processing Factory said that the service life of the injection mold is different, and the maintenance places will be slightly different. For plastic parts such as breast pumps that require high dimensional precision, the requirements for regular inspection of injection molds are more stringent. So, what should be checked when using the breast pump injection mold?

1. Exhaust port inspection: If rust or moisture is found near the hot runner exhaust port, it may be due to internal condensation or water pipe rupture. This situation will cause a short circuit of the heater, so it is necessary to check whether the exhaust port is rusted during use or moisture;

2. Confirm the type of hot nozzle: Generally, it is not recommended to 'clean' the hot nozzle, because this 'cleaning' may damage the hot nozzle tip, so it is necessary to confirm the type of hot nozzle in the hot runner system before 'cleaning';

3. Sliding buckle, if the machine runs continuously throughout the year, it is necessary to perform a sliding buckle once a week;

4. Heater resistance value: The resistance value of the heater fluctuates by 10%, indicating that it needs to be replaced;

5. Guide post and guide sleeve: Before use, check whether there is any sign of wear between the guide post and guide sleeve. If the wear is not serious, you can increase the lubricating oil in an appropriate amount to prolong the service life; if the wear is serious, you need to replace the parts directly;

6. Check the running water. If the running water is not clear enough and the color is turbid, there may be rust; if the water flow is not smooth, it means that there is a blockage, and the water pipe needs to be re-drilled;

7. Clean the casing: When the mold is used for 6 or 12 months, the casing needs to be cleaned once, and a layer of lubricant needs to be applied after cleaning;

8. Check the nozzle: the clamping force of the syringe assembly may cause the nozzle to break, so check it regularly;

What should be checked when using the breast pump injection mold? The 20-year technical team of Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Processing Factory provides the mold making plan. The precision of the mold life is customized according to the R&D process of the mold exported to Japan and the customer's requirements. The tolerance of the mold of important dimensions can reach ± 0.02mm. If you are looking for breast pump injection mold manufacturers, and want to consult breast pump mold opening custom technical solutions, please contact us by phone.
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