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Application of aluminum alloy prototype on bicycle

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-05
Every stage of custom bike development involves a lot of mental and physical labor, and here's how to go from conceptual design to fabrication of an aluminum prototype. Modification of bike parts custom appearance parts. You basically replace existing parts with better looking ones. This is the easiest way to customize parts for your bike since you don't actually have to modify the existing design. You just need to create a piece that looks cool and fits into an existing fixture. Parts that are modified in this way are usually: seats, handlebars, pedals, bottle cages and racks. Appearance bike modification. This type of customization involves using existing parts of the bike and installing other items on it, such as led lights or embossing patterns on the frame, etc. It's a bit difficult because you have to estimate the existing geometry and take into account that some of the modifications you make may interfere with the performance of the original part. performance parts. This is the most complex bike modification and may require you to build or order multiple custom aluminum parts from a prototype shop and actually check how they will perform on the bike. Making sketches assumes you're a fanatic, but you don't have an engineering degree and don't know engineering drawings, standards, etc. How do you explain what you want? My suggestion is to make a sketch. You can use a complete set of free sketching software to draw custom aluminum prototypes. Remember to sketch in as much detail as possible in order to get what you want. Draw objects from all directions Indicate maximum and minimum sizes Indicate which surfaces are important Specify operating conditions, such as the load or weight the part should bear Specify where the part will fit in the bike Specify existing fixtures the part will attach to For a particular aluminum alloy, write it down, indicate which surfaces should be painted or polished, give some dimensions for other relevant parts of the bike, and once you've completed your sketch, it's time to make it into an actual engineering drawing. Modeling and Drawing in order to manufacture your alloy Prototyping, you have to convert the sketch into an actual CAD model with design drawings. Confirmation validation is critical for performance parts, especially for bicycle frames. The means of verification is to use computer engineering analysis methods to determine whether the part is strong and strong enough to withstand the required load and not deform more than necessary. It is often called finite element analysis because the part is divided into many parts, each part is calculated separately, and the pictures are combined. Prototyping Most bicycle parts these days are made from aluminum alloys. Bicycle parts are precision machined parts with very smooth surface finishes and tight tolerances. CNC milling is usually the way to make aluminum prototypes. A CNC machining machinist takes a blank stock and installs it in a CNC machine. He selects the tool and writes an NC program that will move the tool according to the desired trajectory. Aluminum alloy hand plate processing factory Wo Neng is a leading rapid prototyping manufacturing company in Shenzhen, with rich experience in aluminum alloy hand plate processing. Usually, we can control the tolerance within ±0.1MM. There are many rapid prototyping technologies to choose from, such as CNC machining and 3D printing, etc. ISO 9001 certified machine shop. Highly qualified CNC operators. They can use unique management and skills to manufacture high-quality aluminum alloy prototypes. Only high-quality and certified aluminum materials are used for prototyping.
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