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Application of aluminum alloy products

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-05
Classification of aluminum shells: 1. Plastic shell The shell of the charger is made of a plastic material through the mold of the injection molding machine, including the shell of the charger, the shell of the adapter, the shell of the power supply, the shell of the switching power supply, the shell of the industrial power supply, and the shell of the inverter. , LED power supply casing, aluminum profile casing, are processed by incoming materials, good quality hardware casings are significantly different in performance, these hardware casings are of various types, widely used, and have broad prospects. 2. Waterproof power supply shell It is mainly an aluminum shell formed by plastic materials through injection molding machine molds. It has a high degree of waterproof function, tough texture, not easy to seepage, and can better meet the needs of customers. 3. Charger aluminum shell A charger shell for wall sockets. The interface is line card type and welded with large screws. The material of the pins can be copper pins or iron pins. It can be with or without light holes, and it is very convenient to prepare. In fact, a charger case with a light hole would be better, because the user can judge the charging status according to the color change of the light hole, and bring information to the user, which can prevent excessive power consumption or damage to the battery, and also prevent the battery from being damaged. It can guarantee the safety of users. 4. Adapter aluminum shell Uni-President has played an obvious role in reducing consumption costs, saving social resources, and reducing electronic waste. However, some problems also appeared during the implementation of this standard. For example, some adapter shells do not support USB charging. Forcibly implementing this standard will lead to problems such as damage to the voltage regulator and a decrease in the connection rate during charging. 5. The aluminum shell of the power supply is generally made of plastic rubber, which can play the role of insulation. At the same time, the quality of the shell is also related to the life safety of consumers. The shell with good quality can be well insulated and waterproof. Function, and the poor quality shell will not only affect the normal use of the machine but also endanger the life safety of consumers, so which power supply shell to choose will be safer? The answer must be the shell made of high-quality guaranteed materials.
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