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Advantages of 3D printer technology

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-10
Manufacturing fast 3D printer technology is an effective means of complex prototype or part manufacturing in concurrent engineering, which can synchronize product design and mold production, thereby improving the efficiency of enterprise research and development, shortening the product design cycle, and greatly reducing the cost of new product development and Risk, especially for products with small dimensions and special shapes. The integrated design and manufacturing integration of CAD/CAM technology has always been a difficult point now. At the current stage, computer-aided process (CAPP) cannot be completely seamlessly connected with CAD and CAM, which has always restricted the informatization of manufacturing industry. One of the difficulties, and rapid prototyping technology integrates CAD, CAM, laser technology, numerical control technology, chemical engineering, material engineering and other technologies, making the concept of design and manufacturing integration perfectly realized. Completely reproduce the three-dimensional effect. The parts manufactured by rapid prototyping can reproduce the three-dimensional modeling completely and truly. No matter the special-shaped curved surface on the outer surface or the special-shaped hole in the inner cavity, the shape can be truly and accurately completed, basically no need to rely on external equipment. Make repairs. A wide variety of materials So far, there are many types of materials used in various 3D printers, such as resin, nylon, plastic, paraffin, paper, and metal or ceramic powder, which basically meet the mechanical properties of most products. need. Create significant economic benefits Compared with the traditional mechanical processing method, the development cost is saved by more than 10 times. Similarly, the rapid prototyping technology shortens the product development cycle of the enterprise, so that the problem of repeatedly modifying the design plan during the new product development process is greatly reduced. It also basically eliminates the problem of modifying the mold, and the economic benefits created are obvious. Wide range of application industries After years of development, 3D printer technology has basically formed a technical system. Similarly, the applicable industries have gradually expanded, from product design to mold design and manufacturing, material engineering, medical research, cultural Art, architectural engineering, etc. are gradually using 3D printer technology, which makes 3D printer technology have broad prospects.
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