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Advantages and disadvantages of hand-made composite mold

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-08
Silicone complex mold processing process: 1. Manufacturing prototype: According to the 3D drawing provided by the customer, the prototype is manufactured through CNC processing, SLA laser rapid prototyping or 3D printing. 2. Pouring the silicone mold: After the prototype is manufactured, the mold base is made, the prototype is fixed, the silicone is poured, and after 8 hours of drying, the mold is opened to take out the prototype, and the silicone mold is manufactured. 3. Injection type: inject the liquid gum material into the silicone mold, and after curing for 30-60 minutes in a 60°-70° incubator, you can demould, if necessary, in a 70°-80° incubator Post-cure for 2-3 hours. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the silicone mold is 15-20 times. The characteristics of small batches of silicone composite molds: 1. The silicone mold does not deform or shrink; it is resistant to high temperature and can be used repeatedly after molding; it provides convenience for product imitation; 2. The silicone mold is cheap and the manufacturing cycle is short. Can prevent unnecessary loss.
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