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Advanced CNC machining services to turn your ideas into reality

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-04
As we all know, a computer can play its value mainly depends on two important components: hardware and software. Advanced processing services also include two similar parts, which are slightly different from the former, but the overall function is similar. 'Hardware': processing equipment&Process selection&Supporting testing instruments; 'software': technical evaluation&Formulate the processing plan. The world's leading CNC machining equipment can meet the processing requirements of various complex and precision parts Wonneng is equipped with advanced CNC machining equipment such as 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis, including the American Hass vertical machining center, Beijing Jingdiao high-speed cutting milling machine etc. Abundant processing equipment provides us with a wide range of processing. We are good at customized machining projects with complex structures and high precision requirements, thanks to advanced processing equipment. Rich processing technology, providing customized effect Milling: vertical machining center (vertical CNC milling machine with tool magazine) uses multi-blade rotary tools to cut workpieces. It can process planes, grooves, toothed parts, spiral surfaces and various curved surfaces, and can also perform compound processing such as drilling, boring, reaming and tapping. Turning: Turning a rotating workpiece with a turning tool. Tools such as drills, reamers, reamers, taps, dies and knurling tools can be used on lathes to complete internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, forming rotary surfaces and annular grooves, turning sections, drilling, reaming, reaming Processing of holes, tapping threads, knurling, etc. EDM: Use the corrosion phenomenon generated during spark discharge to process the size of the material. It belongs to non-contact processing. It can process any difficult-to-process metal materials and conductive materials. It can process complex shapes and require special parts. Wire cutting: Use a continuously moving thin metal wire (called electrode wire) as an electrode to perform pulse spark discharge on the workpiece to remove metal and cut into shape. It is mainly used to process various complex and precise workpieces. Vowinis also capable of other advanced processing techniques such as laser cutting. Based on our rich processing techniques, we can provide customers with various customized effects. A full range of CNC machining supporting testing instruments to ensure product quality Three-coordinate measuring instrument, 3D scanner, surface roughness tester, hardness tester, thickness gauge, R gauge and other advanced testing instruments, to ensure the size/positioning of parts /Geometric/contour accuracy, surface roughness, hardness, deformation, internal and external R angle of parts, etc. are accurately measured to ensure the quality and accuracy of the final product. Professional technical evaluation to assist you in optimizing your design Wooneng has a team of experienced engineers who can provide you with professional technical evaluation based on your preliminary design drawings to help you optimize part functions, external contours, internal details, dimensions, and tolerances , precision, processing methods and other aspects of the design. Rich experience and resources to formulate the optimal CNC machining plan. The team members of Vowinhave been focusing on the machining field for decades. With rich experience and resources, we can quickly integrate resources and formulate the optimal machining plan for you. To sum up, 'hardware' is the cornerstone and the basis for us to provide advanced CNC machining services, while 'software' is the support, enabling Wo Neng to have the ability to optimize designs and formulate advanced machining solutions for customers. The two complement each other and constitute an advanced processing service that is widely recognized.
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